Dissecting ‘Inception’: Six Interpretations and Five Plot Holes

If a film’s quality is measured solely by its ability to generate audience member discussions about it after the credits roll, then Inception is without a doubt the most successful film of not only the summer but the entire year thus far. Regardless if you think Christopher Nolan’s high-concept heist film is a masterpiece, a complete clustercuss or some shade of grey between the two, there’s just no walking out of the theater without a desire to discuss it further. A host of adjectives have been thrown Inception’s way recently, but forgettable just is not one of them.

So let’s take a look at the various discussions surrounding the film. We’ll start with a run down of interpretations as to what really happened, followed by an examination of any plot holes that may have gone unexplained by the various interpretations. It should go without saying, but everything below the jump is going to be positively riddled with Inception spoilers.
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