Keeping up with Technology

Do you have an interest in technology? Primarily due to the rise in digital information, libraries around the world have become technology hubs. The demands on librarians and libraries to keep abreast with technology innovation has become not only necessary, but essential to serve students and faculty.

As the Library Director, I have the joy of seeking out innovation, exploring new technology, and being on the lookout for creative ideas and processes. Of course, not everything is appropriate for our library environment, but by staying familiar and knowledgable of what’s happening, the library can be a resource to others. Ultimately, in staying on the “edges of the box” (not outside the box) I am better able to serve our students and faculty. I have been very fortunate at the Luria Library because we have a supportive administration and a willing staff.

What are some of the resources I use in my research? Good places to start are MashableReadWriteWeb, or TechCrunch – these are all designed for anyone interested in technology and innovation. Beyond these, I read dozens of library-related technology blogs regularly. Just put these types of things in an RSS reader and monitor daily.

Many don’t see value in Twitter, but this is one of my leading professional tools. I don’t need to read everything that gets posted; just check-in now and then. To add value to Twitter, you need to follow smart people. Smart people who are writing about what they are doing, what they are thinking, and what they are being challenged by today. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of the Twitter lists like Scobleizer’s tech-news-brands or most-influential-in-tech. You can find me on Twitter @kenleyneufeld and follow the library @lurialibrary.

I’ve written a bit more on this topic for my Social Media & Social Networking class in the Keeping Current learning module.

How do you keep current technology? What are you interested in learning more about?