Find another reader!

While the Luria Library is closed for the winter break, you can still get ideas about “what to read next” or even meet with other readers online.

Here are some of our favorite sites:

What Should I Read Next? is a site with 47,000 titles in it. You can search for books you might enjoy based on what you have just finished reading.

GoodReads is an excellent site to connect yourself to books and to other readers. You can create a (free) account to keep track of what you’ve read, write book reviews, form book clubs, and talk to other readers.

If you love books, you will love LibraryThing. They call themselves the “the world’s largest book club.” With this tool, you can catalog your own book collection and meet other readers who have similar books or interests.

We have thousands of ebooks you can read or explore over the break. Check our catalog of ebooks, to read and enjoy from your computer.

Can you let us know about YOUR winter break reading? Post a message to the Luria Library Facebook page with a title and some brief comments. Once you are on our page, don’t forget to “Like” us.

Happy reading!