Poetry Feeds the Soul!

April is National Poetry Month!

The library has a vast collection of books of poems, about poetry, and about poets. There are dozens of small books of poems spread out in the library cafe this month: take one home!

SBCC has some wonderful poets on staff, and in the student body. Check out the works of past winners of the Emmons Poetry Prize , an annual poetry contest here at SBCC.

The SBCC Creative Writing Program has listed two poetry events in Santa Barbara this month on their website.

On two on-campus Poetry Month events:

  • On Saturday, April 7, at 7 p.m., we will honor our veterans with a Veteran’s Poetry Reading. Featured readers are Bruce Schmidt and Elijah Imlay. Prior to their reading, veterans are invited to come onstage and read a poem–by themselves, or by another poet.
  • On Saturday, April 21, former SBCC student Ron Alexander hosts the Whitman-Stein reading, an evening dedicated to the work of LGBTQ poets.

Also, the SBCC Poetry Club will be at the Good Cup on Wednesday, April 11, time TBD.

There’s a Facebook group for Santa Barbara National Library Month events and a nice website with Ventura and Santa Barbara poetry events in different types of venues.

There are many, excellent poetry websites available, as well, such as the one from the Academy of American Poets. Here are just a few ways the the Academy suggests you celebrate the month, and fill yourself with poetry!

    Select a poem you love, carry it with you, then share it with co-workers, family, and friends.

    Read a book of poetry

    Memorize a poem

    Revisit a poem

    Put poetry in an unexpected place (chalk on sidewalk? post-it in a classroom?)

    Bring a poem to your place of worship

    Attend a poetry reading, or organize one.

    Play Exquisite Corpse
    “Each participant is unaware of what the others have written, thus producing a surprising—sometimes absurd—yet often beautiful poem.”

    Read a poem at an open mic

    Put a poem in the next letter you write.

    Watch a poetry movie

    Take a poem out to lunch: gives you something great to read while you eat.

    Recite a poem to family and friends

    Start a poetry reading group, or join the SBCC Poetry Club

    Buy a book of poems for your public library–the Santa Barbara Public Library has no book budget this year!

    Add a poem to your personalized signatures at the end of every email you send.

    Sign up for a poetry class or workshop!

    Write a letter to a poet: Let the poets who you are reading know that you appreciate their work by sending them a letter.