Meet the new faces at the library

This Fall 2012 semester the Luria Library is proud to welcome a new library resident and two new interns. Corrie Bott will hold the library resident position at the Luria Library for the duration of the 2012-2013 school year. Corrie is a recent graduate of San Jose State University’s Master of Library and Information Science program. This semester’s interns are Derek Stalcup and Amelia Zavala, respectively. They are both graduate students studying Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. Read below to find out more about them, and don’t forget to say “Hi” when you see them.

Name: Corrie Bott

Position: Library Resident

Currently Reading: The Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin

What was your favorite book assigned in a college class? Ambient Findability by Peter Morville. This little book is an engaging, intelligent look at information as a product – how it’s evolving, how it’s being packaged and sold to us, how we interact with it, etc.

Are there any special projects you’ll be working on? I’ll be helping Sally, our cataloger, update and edit our holdings record as we navigate the switch-over to our new catalog, OCLC Worldshare Management Services.

Why did you decide to become a librarian? As an undergraduate in Cellular and Developmental Biology, I realized the aspect of my studies I relished the most was the “hunt” for information as I researched topics for papers, and later, for my laboratory research. Additional outside work in the service industry during my undergrad years helped me recognize my passion for helping people. Many years later, I decided to combine those elements and pursue a career in Academic Librarianship.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: My children’s friends jokingly refer to our house as the “farm”. We have two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs (all rescue animals), and help take care of two rescued older mares. We also regularly volunteer at BUNS (Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter).

Name: Derek Stalcup

Position: Intern @ SBCC. Intake Screener @ Ventura County Human Services Agency

Currently Reading: Making A Killing:The Political Economy of Animal Rights by Bob Torres

What was your favorite book assigned in a college class? I led an independent study where a group of students and myself read a whole list of awesome social science books. I really liked reading The Theory of The Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen. I fell out of my seat while reading this several times.

Are there any special projects you’ll be working on? I’m currently working on updating the research guides. I’m looking forward to working the reference desk and helping with weeding the collection. I’m also looking forward to doing some cataloging. So many possibilities!

Why did you decide to become a librarian? For years I wanted to be a social worker. It wasn’t until mid-2010 that I chose to go into library school over studying social work. I remember reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire in my high school library and having my mind flipped. It was around that time that I realized I wanted to somehow serve the public and facilitate them in empowering themselves. Libraries seem like an awesome place to do it.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I collect punk and heavy metal vinyl records. I have a few thousand and they are over flowing into almost every inch of my house.

Name: Amelia Zavala

Position: Intern, some days. Softlines supervisor at Sears, most days.

Currently Reading: The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror: 2011 edited by Paula Guran

What was your favorite book assigned in a college class? Highroad to the Stake: A Tale of Witchcraft by Michael Kunze. I read this as an undergrad history student. It’s a non-fiction story that reads as a novel addressing issues of social class, judicial corruption, and the ethics of torture. All taking place during plague riddled Europe. An epic read.

Are there any special projects you’ll be working on? I’ll be working on digital projects for the library. I’ll be writing blog posts, updating the library’s Facebook page, transferring research guides, and trying to keep students updated and connected to library related activities.

Why did you decide to become a librarian? As a child I had a very difficult time learning to read, and my first grade teacher worked tirelessly to help me learn. She encouraged me to visit the library often and even introduced me to many books in the school library. From that point forward I spent my entire academic career spending countless hours in the library. After I graduated college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I even took the LSAT thinking I might want to be a lawyer. I realized that I was happiest working with students, promoting literacy, and teaching. I enjoy working with older students and decided to pursue academic librarianship once I was in library school.

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I studied abroad in Germany during college and it was one of the best experiences of my life. My German is a little rusty, though. German isn’t something that you get to speak everyday living in Southern California.