Marshall McLuhan Week at Luria Library

marshall mcluhan

Marshall McLuhan. -Wikimedia Commons

“All the new media, including the press, are art forms which have the power of imposing, like poetry, their own assumptions. The new media are not ways of relating to us the old “real” world; they are the real world and they reshape what remains of the old world at will.” -Counter Blast, by Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), communications and media theorist and author of several books, had many ideas that have strong implications for the exponentially expanding phenomena of today’s internet and social media. McLuhan believed that it is the medium of a message that determines how that message will be perceived. McLuhan claimed that from the ancient oral tradition, to the development of the alphabet, to the invention and widespread usage of the printing press, to the electronic media that surrounds us today, the human race has been dynamically shaped by media in all its forms. Marshall McLuhan was not just a theorist and author, but a lecturer, a professor, a holder of nine honorary degrees, a recipient of several prestigious awards, and an overall academic that would forever change our views on media and how it shapes culture and society.

Watch this video: “Marshall McLuhan: The World is a Global Village,” to hear about McLuhan’s theories on the way the medium of media changes the way we perceive the message it portrays.

Books by Marshall McLuhan at the Luria Library:

literary criticism of Marshall McLuhan

The Interior Landscape; The Literary Criticism of Marshall McLuhan, 1943-1962
by Marshall McLuhan; Eugene McNamara

gutenberg galaxy

The Gutenberg Galaxy; The Making of Typographic Man
by Marshall McLuhan

mechanical bride

The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man
by Marshall McLuhan

culture is our business

Culture is Our Business
by Marshall McLuhan

through the vanishing point

Through The Vanishing Point; Space in Poetry and Painting
by Marshall McLuhan; Harley Parker

from cliche to archetype

From Cliche to Archetype
by Marshall McLuhan; Wilfred Watson

take today the executive as dropout

Take Today; The Executive As Dropout
by Marshall McLuhan; Barrington Nevitt

the medium is the massage

The Medium is The Massage: An Inventory of Effects
by Marshall McLuhan; Quentin Fiore; Jerome Agel

counter blast
Counter Blast
by Marshall McLuhan

global village
War and Peace in The Global Village: An Inventory of Some of The Current Spastic Situations That Could Be Eliminated By More Feedforward
by Marshall McLuhan; Quentin Fiore

verbi-voco-visual explorations

Verbi-voco-visual Explorations
by Marshall McLuhan; Victor J Papanek; et al

explorations in communication
Explorations in Communication, An Anthology
by Edmund Carpenter; Marshall McLuhan

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