February: Black History Month

Most of us know that February is Black History Month. But the rich history and diverse experiences of African Americans are the subject of new scholarship and excellent exhibitions and there is so much more to learn and know.

A new virtual exhibit at the Smithsonian American Indian Museum is just one example. Check out the site for the Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum, as well.

Our library has countless resources available for those interested in African American Studies, including not only books in the Luria Library catalog, but articles available through electronic reference sources like Credo Reference, the History Reference Center, and Minorities: Race and Ethnicity in America.

The library also has multiple research guides available that are focused on African American history, one of which is our Resources for Black Studies research guide, which contains listings of books in our catalog and links to electronic reference sources relating to Black Studies, tips on keywords to search when using these electronic reference sources for Black Studies, a guide on primary versus secondary sources, and several links to websites on Black history, from the Civil War days to the present.

Here are some books in the library catalog that focus on Black history and culture:

living black history

Living Black History: How Reimagining The African-American Past Can Remake America’s Racial Future, by Manning Marable

The African American experience : black history and culture through speeches, letters, editorials, poems, songs, and stories

The African American Experience: Black History and Culture Through Speeches, Letters, Editorials, Poems, Songs, and Stories, by Kai Wright

the promised land

The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America, by Nicholas Lemann