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About Credo Reference

Among our many electronic databases available to students through their pipeline login, Credo Reference is a fine example of a trusted and accessible reference source. Highly skilled information science professionals and students, both employees and interns, from all around the country manage this database. They are constantly developing ways to improve and expand content.

Credo Reference contains the full text of nearly 600 encyclopedias, dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, and other reference books covering all major subject areas. Thousands of Topics Pages provide articles from different reference sources, arranged by subject. Includes “gadgets” for finding images, definitions, people, pronunciations, quotations, and measurement conversations, as well as a concept map feature for help identifying keywords and broadening or narrowing a topic. Additional features include videos, maps, and animations.

What’s a “Topic Page”?

A Topic Page features an article from a trusted database about a given topic. The topic page links to several additional encyclopedia articles and images from affiliated databases, related Topic Pages created by Credo Reference, as well as books, additional images, videos and news articles from Google Books, Wikimedia Commons and several trusted news sources.

A Topic Page is a comprehensive source for your research and reference needs, using the most innovative technology to not only address the topic at hand but provide quick access to other related Topic Pages which contain just as much information and more. In the “Related Topic Pages” box there is even a “Recently Visited” tab that will show you which topic pages you have viewed recently.

You can find Topic Pages on virtually any subject or topic of interest, from authors, famous people or scientists, literary or political movements, to world religions, geographical locations, holidays and other cultural topics, health related topics, animals and plants, scientific elements, and more. Credo Reference is an excellent source for both your everyday reference needs and more focused study for school assignments.

If you have any other questions about Credo Reference, contact us and we will be happy to help!