Meet our new Library Resident

The Luria Library is proud to welcome a new Library Resident for Spring 2014. Eva Rios-Alvarado will hold this position at the Luria Library this semester, and possibly longer. The Library Resident is generously funded by The Luria Foundation. It’s an opportunity for a recent library school graduate to explore community college librarianship by working in all areas of our award-winning community college library. We’ve invited Eva to share a little bit about herself:

Eva Rios-Alvarado

Eva Rios-Alvarado

Hello, Santa Barbara City College! Allow me to extend my great enthusiasm to be here where I will get the chance to work with an exceptional library staff and have opportunities to work with the SBCC community. This term I will be floating about different areas of the library to get hands-on experience in varied specialties.

Although I am more interested in learning about how I can help you with your research and information hunting than telling you about me, it’s only fair I introduce myself. I am a recent, Fall 2013, graduate student from Simmons College in Boston, MA where I earned my MS in Library and Information Science. If you know Librarian Ellen Carey, here’s a cool fact: we both went to the same graduate program. I have a BA from Cal State Los Angeles. Originally, I am from North East Los Angeles and enjoy anything from yoga to hip-hop.

I want to tell you why I wanted to become a librarian, so you’ll know why I am so happy to be here with you at SBCC — besides the warm weather, great view of the mountains, and stellar view of the Pacific Ocean! In a nutshell, I chose to move to the East Coast to get this degree because I strongly believe in my profession. I ardently feel that information is a key, a power source, and it is what anyone needs to get through school, to maneuver the job-scape, to make sense of how society functions, or even for situations we encounter daily that require informed decision making. There’s more, but I’ll spare you.

One of the most commonly asked questions librarians get from others is “what do you do?” The words library and librarian are so nuanced these days for many reasons. Digital infrastructure has reframed how and where librarians can do their work, and we are no longer those people that shush you in the stacks. I am planning to accomplish a lot this term here at SBCC. Besides helping you with your information needs and wants, I hope to build my skill portfolio to continue to do what I love to do: help others connect, learn, grow, and be creative.

Thank you for your time to let me introduce myself and I hope to get the chance to see you either virtually or in person @ the Luria Library!

Eva, aka Xicana MLIS