Meet our new Virtual Intern

The Luria Library is proud to welcome a new intern, working with librarians this spring. We’ve invited Shaun McMullen to share a little bit about himself:

Hi there, everybody! My name is Shaun and I am the new Virtual Intern for the Eli Luria Library this semester. I am a graduate student, studying Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. I live in the town of Olds in the Province of Alberta in Canada. Here are some fun facts about me!


Currently reading: Perfect Youth: The Birth of Canadian Punk, by Sam Sutherland

My favorite book assigned in a college class: Homage to Catalonia. Although not George Orwell’s most famous book, as works of non-fiction go, it’s a classic. I read this while studying history at the University of Calgary.

Special projects I’ll be working on: I will be updating the Library social media (Facebook/Twitter), editing and creating research guides, and writing blog posts for the library.

Why I want to be a librarian: Libraries for me have always been places where I could go and either explore the collected knowledge of humanity, or just relax and sort out my day. As a librarian I get to help people find information and sort through the barrage of information available. I want to be an academic librarian to provide help to students and faculty in a post-secondary setting, and maybe make someone’s experience of libraries as positive as mine has been.

Something interesting about me: I am Canadian, which is pretty cool both figuratively and literally (it’s close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit where I live right now). And, yes, I do understand curling and can speak a little French.

The best thing about California to me: The works of Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez!

I look forward to sharing the semester with you and helping to represent the Luria Library!