Dig in! Fossils in the Library

No, it’s not
National Fossil Day,
or International Sloth Day,

but the Giant Sloth and the many fossils currently on display outside and inside the library are important to SBCC. Come take a close look at some rare and important new finds and read about how important they are for a more full understanding of our area long, long ago.

The library is pleased to promote recent discoveries made by SBCC students, faculty, and alumni researchers associated with our Earth and Planetary Sciences Department. The official study is called “New Pleistocene megafauna localities in Santa Barbara County, California: Paleontological reconnaissance of the marine terrace deposits at Vandenberg Air Force Base,” authored by Melissa K. Macias, Eiko B. Kitano, and Dr. Robert S. Gray, and describes their findings, including thirty fossils from 80,000 years ago. Some of these fossils found in their field work are in this exhibit, including an early horse. Come take a look at the research poster and get an idea of the sizes and shapes of these impressive megafauna. Take a photo of yourself next to a drawing of Giant Sloth, in actual size.

For more resources in paleontology, try searching the Encyclopedia of Paleontology, or check out some books from our library.


Happy excavating!