Drop, Cover, Hold On, and Read!

 Mission Santa Barbara, after the Santa Barbara earthquake

Mission Santa Barbara, after the Santa Barbara earthquake

This week, SBCC participated in the Great California Shakeout along with 25.9 million participants worldwide. Learning how to react during an earthquake is important because, according to Shakeout.org, California is at greater risk for an earthquake than other parts of the country.

Being informed is part of being prepared.

Want to know more about the science behind California’s increased risk, check out California Earthquakes : Science, Risk, and the Politics of Hazard Mitigation

To learn more about Santa Barbara’s Earthquake history, check out this website.

Or check out this eBook that traces the rebuilding of communities after historic earthquakes–After the Earth Quakes : Elastic Rebound on an Urban Planet

The Great California Shakeout was a drill. But did you know that on the morning of the drill there were more than 20 minor earthquakes in California alone. To find out where, or to find out more information about earthquakes, check out the the US Geological Survey Page.