Help with Citations!

This is the second to last full week of school before finals so it is a safe bet that some of you have upcoming papers that require citations.

If you missed the MLA and APA citation workshops facilitated by the Writing Center, you can find the presentations for both workshops as well as other writing workshops presented by the Writing Center here. Especially helpful is this worksheet used during the workshop to help ensure that all required information is entered accurately. Here is the APA version of the worksheet.

Also remember that the library catalog will automatically generate a citation for a book or article. Just click on the “Cite/Export” option as pictured below.

Screenshot of Library Catalog Record

Screenshot of Library Catalog Record

Many databases also have the ability to generate citations. Just make sure to verify the accuracy of citations from both the catalog and the various databases since they are all machine generated. You can do so by checking it against the citation guides provided on our Citation Guides page.

And remember you can always ask a librarian for help through chat, sms, over the phone, or in person.