JSTOR Daily–An online magazine where “news meets its scholarly match”

What do vaccinations, Harper Lee and weather forecasting have in common? They have all been in the news recently– and as such are fodder for JSTOR Daily. JSTOR Daily is an online magazine in beta testing that offers feature articles and daily blog posts connecting current news and events with the rich content of JSTOR’s collection of over 2,000 academic journals and other material.

For example in December of last year, JSTOR Daily did a post on a new typeface developed for dyslexic readers. At the end of the post, access was provided to articles within JSTOR’s massive collection providing more information on typeface and the effects of typeface on reading.

Access to the specific articles contained in the blog post is made available by JSTOR Daily, but students of SBCC are provided greater access to JSTOR’s collection through the Luria Library. Simply access the JSTOR databases through the library website, type in your Pipeline login information and you can access content from anywhere.

Are you interested in the vaccination debate? The JSTOR Daily post includes access to scholarly articles on topics such as global measles mortality, compulsory immunization, herd immunity, and parental refusal or delay of immunization.