Short story: A day in the life of a library stapler

On Monday, October 3rd, the Luria Library embarked on a creative writing project, asking students what they thought a day in the life of a stapler might look and feel like. Using their responses, this short story was created with the help of the Luria Library Staff and Librarians. The inspiration for this project came from the blog, “The Lives and Deaths of Academic Library Staplers.” Enjoy!


A Collaborative Telling of a Day in the Life of a Library Stapler

You would think my job isn’t all that hard. Sure. I technically only staple papers together. But a day in the life of a stapler isn’t always such an easy job! In fact, nothing gets hit harder than I do. Not to sound egotistical, but I may be the most popular Swingliner in the library. Day after day I am used and abused. “Click, click, click,” the day goes on. Big Stapler But what do I have to show for it? After spitting out staples all day long, I’m left with an empty belly and a sore back. What’s even worse is sometimes I lose my cozy spot at the desk and end up lost somewhere in the library! It’s not until I find myself all jammed up that a kind hand brings me back home. Sure, sometimes it might be a little boring when things get slow. But I spend my time wisely, sharpening my tiny metal prongs to pierce stacks of paper twice as fast! Let me tell you, even with sharpening, some folks test me to the max. Luckily, my cousin is close by to help,Electric Stapler joining together thick stacks of paper that I had not the strength to endure. Now, while I am thankful for my cousin, I do get a little peeved at my brother-in-law. He thinks he’s, “Mr.Machismo” …being all spiffy with his electric power assist and black, synthetic exterior. He may be speedy, but he can never be as reliable as me. Afterall, I’m not stuck with an outlet for eternity.

Oh my, the life of a stapler. Not the most prestigious job to be sure. But I am, afterall, a “staple” of the library.

Thank you to: Lylah Bateman, Anthony Hernandez, Aaron Plesset, Paul Fleischer, and all the students who contributed, but who wished to remain anonymous.

Written by: Rebecca Greer

Edited by: Luria Library Faculty & Staff