Chocolate, kindness, and Elvis: Honoring Donna Cobb

Donna in Office

Every semester brings changes, for students and for those who work on campus. A huge change for the Luria Library is the retirement of Library Secretary Donna Cobb, after 52 years of service at SBCC! Her positive impact on Luria Library and the larger SBCC community is beyond comparison. Below, some past and current library staff share how Donna has touched their lives:

Donna is far more than the staggering amount of work she accomplishes. She is a force for good who brings positivity to every interaction. She enables chocolate addictions and influences others to look at the bright side.
Donna’s gentle smile brightens my day when ever I see her. Her dedication to fairness in the library was exemplary. I always loved checking out her beautiful jewelry (usually a ring on every finger) and her bright and cheery outfits. I feel very honored that I got to hang out with the Elvis dogs and I hope now that she is retired we will have some fun dog get-togethers. I will be forever extremely fond on Donna.
Computer geeks appreciate the gift of useful tools. Every year I have been in the Library, Donna has gifted me a useful tool: I still use each one on a regular basis. This may seem small, but it shows the level of caring and consideration that Donna has shown us every day.
Donna’s work at the SBCC Luria Library was literally a labor of love.
Donna saw all us, her co-workers, as family – she kept track of us, knew about our families, honored our birthdays, and just showed her love. She did all of this while she did an incredible job and almost never missed a day of work. We are so lucky to have her in our lives!
Rarely have I seen such a sunny attitude! Donna’s personal mission is gratitude and respect, which she shares freely amidst chocolates and pastel hues. Her positive vibration reminds us to give students our best service and brightest smile.
When I first moved into town from an urban area conducive to a car-less lifestyle I did not have a car. Donna was kind enough and gave me a lift on a few errands to places that I wouldn’t have been able to access by bike or public transit in a timely manner. She offered help with this without my asking in her unique, generous manner.
I know that every single person with whom Donna has worked has admired her for her capability and genuine kindness. Just to give you an example, when I first started my residency at SBCC, I mentioned to her that I needed a lanyard for my keys. The next day she showed up with one she had bought me from the bookstore. That day happened to be her birthday. But that is the kind of person she is: never selfish, always kind, always professional. Since working with her, I have attempted to emulate her sincere interest in the lives of those with whom she interacts. It has made me a better colleague.
Donna and Elvis

If you too have fond memories of working with Donna, please share them with us in the Comments. Though we no longer see Donna every day at SBCC, she is always in our hearts and we wish her an adventuresome, joyful retirement!