Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Cosmetology display

What do Cosmetology and Marine Diving Technology have in common? Besides spending time with waves, they are both SBCC programs that Luria Library is featuring in displays at the front of the library.

The CTE (Career and Technical Education) programs at Santa Barbara City College cover a variety of careers and prepare students to begin specific fields of employment. It is necessary to apply for admission to Cosmetology and Marine Diving Technologies, so learn about them now so you can apply in time for Spring.

The Cosmetology program gets students ready to become licensed beauty professionals, with hands-on work and training in many kinds of hair, nail, makeup, and skin treatments. You can also become a makeup artist for theater and movie productions. They have a stunning new full-service salon at 525 Anacapa Street that is affordable and open to the public.
Luria Library has several doll heads on loan from the program, which have been given incredible hairstyles by students in the program. Take a look and get inspired!

The Marine Diving Technologies program is one of the most amazing and unique offerings at SBCC. There are training facilities on campus and out in the open water, with frequent dives off Stearn’s Wharf and boat trips off the coast. Program Director Geoff Thielst invites anyone interested in learning more about the program to come visit him at the campus Marine Diving Center on Loma Alta Drive to see what they have to offer.
In addition to recently being featured on the news, there are also two MDT displays in the library’s entry area with equipment used by professional divers, and books of interest to the diving community.

Marine Diving display

If you don’t think libraries are relevant to career and technical programs, we aim to change that. Luria Library supports all of our CTE programs with multiple services:

  • Reference materials and handbooks, in print and online, provide the core legal and technical info used in these professions;
  • Non-fiction books share the stories, the art, and the science within each profession;
  • We offer PrepStep, an online source for occupational exam prep and skills tests for a variety of careers;
  • Custom research guides (created at the request of faculty) point students to the library and online resources that are most useful in their studies and future careers;
  • Computers, study space, and homework assistance are available seven days a week for all students.