Banned Book Week 2017

Banned Books Week logo.

At the end of each September, libraries, booksellers, bibliophiles (lovers of books), and other advocates for intellectual freedom celebrate Banned Books Week. We celebrate the freedom to read, the fight against censorship, and the upholding of the First Amendment. The event originally began in 1982 to draw attention to an increased number of book challenges throughout the country. [source] We encourage you to explore, get involved in the fight against censorship, and read banned books — not just this week but every week. Here are some ideas!

  • Check out The Luria Library’s Banned Books Week guide. This guide includes news of recent challenges to books, helpful links and statistics, and a list of challenged books within the library’s collection available for regular check-out.
  • Join the Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament this week, win prizes! Tweet any of the following, and include hashtags #RebelReader and #LuriaLibrary:
      Take a selfie with a banned or challenged book.
      Share a video of yourself talking about censorship or reading from a banned or challenged book.
      Post a quote from a favorite banned or challenged book.
      Share a story about an educator who helped you learn the power of words.
      Take a photo of a completed Banned Books Week coloring sheet (we will have copies at the reference desk, plus crayons and colored pencils).
      Share a link to your favorite local library’s home page or book selection policy (hint: we call ours a Collection Development Policy).
      Tweet some love at a banned author from this list.
  • Read any of the banned or challenged book titles listed in the guide or on the American Library Association website.
  • Participate in an international Virtual Read-Out, where you can share a video of your favorite passages from your favorite banned or challenged title.