Reducing your Textbook Costs

Zero-cost textbook icon Ready to register for classes again? There are a number of things to consider when deciding between classes: What have you heard about the instructor? Does the class fit your schedule? Is it the best choice for your goals? And, how much are the books going to cost??

Starting this Summer and Fall, wherever you see this dollar sign icon in the class schedule, it means that there are no textbook costs for that class section!

Open-education resources are created to be freely shared and reused in classes through a Creative Commons license.

Individual instructors decide which textbooks are best for their classes; sometimes an open-education resource meets the needs of the class, and sometimes they conclude that a traditional textbook will support learning better. There aren’t open-education resources for all subjects, either.

Remember that even if you don’t get a class with zero-cost textbooks, Luria Library has a copy of most class textbooks available for short-term borrowing. You can reserve a book in advance to make sure it isn’t checked out when you need it, by contacting the Circulation desk.