Welcome the New Resident Librarian 2018-2019

Hello Santa Barbara City College,

I’m Wendy Nunez, the new Luria Library Resident Librarian 2018-2019.

I graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles June 2018 with a Masters in Library and Information Science.

I’m a former community college student from Los Angeles Pierce College where I completed two AAs in Spanish and Latin American Studies. I then transferred to UCSB and achieved two Bachelor degrees one in Spanish and the second in Latin American & Iberian Studies before finishing my education at UCLA.

What was memorable about your MLIS education?
During the two years of the Master’s program at UCLA, the most memorable part was the internships. I believe that the theory we learn in classrooms is important. However, the only way to know if we can actually put into practice what we learn in class is performing the job. I was able to complete four internships at various library settings, both academic and public, where I was able to work with amazing librarians who guided me and helped me decide the path I want to take my career as a librarian.

Why become a librarian?
Growing up my parents always told me that if I was going to go to school and develop a career that it should be something I truly want to do so that in the future I will always love my job. While being in college I worked at the circulation desk at the UCSB Library. Every time I would go shelf-reading in the stacks I would feel so happy being surrounded by books and organizing them. All of my life I’ve loved books and reading but it wasn’t until then I realized that I could actually turn those interests into a career and a job that I would be happy to go every day. After that, I researched more about the career and I felt more in love with librarianship and that is how I decided to be a librarian.

Why a community college librarian?
I decided I want to be a community college librarian because what I like to do most is to interact with students, faculty and community members. I have worked in various academic settings of university libraries and the system that is more student-oriented and permits librarians to have more interaction with the users are community college libraries. Another reason is that I was also a community college student and I know and understand some of the struggles community college students face. Also, I am particularly interested in supporting and aiding first-generation students as I am a first generation student and most of them start their college career at a community college, therefore, I believe this is where I am needed and where I can make an impact.

What is your favorite book?
My favorite book will always be 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It’s an amazing book filled with so much mystery and confusion that only makes sense until you finish the entire book then everything fits just like a puzzle.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
From second grade to high school I went to a different school every other year, in two different countries. The reason is that my family moved back and forth between Los Angeles, CA and Oaxaca, Mexico so I would change schools very often.