Therapy Dogs Are Back!

All For Animals

Check Out a Dog and Lower Your Stress! Event for students
Wednesday, December 5 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Outside the Library on West Campus.

Come to the patio in front of the Library on Tuesday afternoon for some furry joy. Luria Library will again be hosting a group of trained therapy dogs that want to help everyone smile and feel more relaxed.

Therapy dog days are popping up at colleges and universities across the country to help students relax, especially as they prepare for finals, when stress levels soar. Research shows that interaction with pets decreases the level of cortisol—or stress hormone—in people and increases endorphins, known as the “happiness hormone.” Studies also show excessive stress, like the kind students may experience during finals, impairs memory. An activity that relieves stress – such as petting a friendly dog – can improve a student’s ability to retain what they are learning.

Partnering with Luria Library is All for Animals. All for Animals is a local nonprofit dedicated to enriching the lives of young people through personal interaction with specially trained therapy animals.

All of the dogs in attendance have received specialized training with their human partner from All for Animals and are certified as therapy dogs by Love on a Leash, The Foundation for Pet Provided Therapy. Local volunteers will give their afternoon to serve SBCC students.

For more information or to make a donation to All for Animals, visit

Therapy dog at SBCC