ASL and Deaf History Month 2019

Hands signing the letters ASL

Luria library is honoring National Deaf History Month. Deaf History Month celebrates Deaf culture and strives to build greater understanding of Deaf culture, history, civil rights, contributions, and achievements.

It’s interesting to consider that education for Deaf Americans was hard to find for many years, and hard fought for, as well.


The ASL Club at SBCC has put together a book display at the Luria Library.For more information check out their Facebook page or their SBCC ASL Club site.
They will also be hosting fundraiser events.

The School of Modern Languages at SBCC offers an American Sign Language program with a wide variety of courses that students at all levels can take. With library resources close at hand, it’s easy to learn more about Deaf culture and American Sign Language, whether in a class or at your computer.

Check out some interesting links related to sign language and Deaf culture

Books in the Luria Library

The library catalog also has books related to the Deaf or American Sign Language, a few of which are featured below:

Hands of my father

deaf culture our way

deaf community in america

american sign language handshape dictionary