Banned Books Week 2019

At the end of September, libraries, booksellers, bibliophiles (lovers of books), and other advocates for intellectual freedom celebrate Banned Books Week by recognizing books that have been banned or challenged in schools and libraries. We celebrate the freedom to read, the fight against censorship, and the upholding of the First Amendment. We encourage you to explore, get involved in the fight against censorship, and read banned books — not just this week but every week.

Join us!

  • Check out the Luria Library’s Banned Books Week guide. This guide includes a list of challenged and banned books within the library’s collection available for regular check-out.
  • Join the Dear Banned Author Letter-Writing Campaign by writing to a banned or challenged author that you admire and/or whose story impacted your life in some way. Learn more at the American Library Association’s (ALA) website.
  • Read any of the banned or challenged book titles listed in the guide or on the ALA website.