Mobile Librarian in Isla Vista

September 30, 2015-9:43 am
Mobile Librarian standing outside of the Pardall Center in Isla Vista

SBCC “Mobile Librarian” in ISLA VISTA Wednesday nights, September 30th to December 3rd

My Family Reads!

September 17, 2015-9:51 am
My Family Reads, ESL Event

We’re teaming up with SBCC English as a Second Language. ESL STUDENTS: Bring your family and friends!

Suggestions for success

August 26, 2015-2:14 pm
Your genuine talent will find its way to success

Prepare for success with a few tips and tricks.

Library closed on weekends?

June 18, 2015-11:34 am

Don’t despair. You still have access to many excellent resources and services from the library.

May is National Inventors Month

May 10, 2015-5:58 pm
Publicity photo of a participant sitting in Nikola Tesla's laboratory in Colorado Springs circa 1900.

Celebrate the lives of inventors and the importance of their inventions.

Library Resident Position Open

May 09, 2015-2:43 pm

This is an opportunity for a recent library school graduate to explore community college librarianship by working in all areas of an award-winning community college library.

Hug a dog and lower your stress!

May 04, 2015-7:00 am
Photo of therapy dog

Outside the Luria Library on Thursday, May 7, 2015 from 2:30-4:00 therapy dogs will be available. This free event will be open to all current SBCC students.

40 Years After the Vietnam War.

April 30, 2015-1:32 pm

Forty years ago, this day in history marked the end of the Vietnam War, the longest conflict in American history. And forty years later there is still much that we can learn from the conflict.

Therapy Alpaca

Or dogs, rabbits, birds, pigs, fish, horses, dolphins, snakes, and llamas.

National Poetry Month

April 19, 2015-7:53 pm

April is National Poetry Month. Read more here.