Why Read?

June 23, 2014-12:50 pm

Will reading make you smarter? More attractive? Read (!) some ideas about the value of reading and tell us what you think.

Earth Day and Environmental Issues

April 21, 2014-11:22 am

Learn more about Earth Day here.

National Library Week

April 13, 2014-8:00 am
a library

Finally! It’s National Library Week? Click here to learn more!

Deaf Culture Awareness

March 16, 2014-10:48 am

The library is honoring National Deaf History Month with displays and events. Deaf History Month celebrates Deaf culture and strives to build greater understanding of Deaf culture, history, civil rights, … read more »

Appetizing to both mouth and mind

March 11, 2014-1:01 pm

Another Edible Book Festival is coming up!
Learn more and register your entry


February 06, 2014-8:00 am

The largest wildfire in recorded U.S. history and entirely new way Americans think of our country.

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Dig in! Fossils in the Library

February 04, 2014-12:00 pm

No, it’s not National Fossil Day, or International Sloth Day, but the Giant Sloth and the many fossils currently on display outside and inside the library are important to SBCC. … read more »

Meet our new Virtual Intern

February 02, 2014-5:15 pm

Welcome to our new Virtual Intern, Shaun McMullen, who is working with us from his home in Alberta, Canada.

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Meet our new Library Resident

January 27, 2014-4:56 pm
Eva Rios-Alvarado

We’re proud to welcome Eva Rios-Alvarado, who recently returned to California after receiving her library degree on the East Coast.

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“May books be always with you”

December 12, 2013-8:55 am

What books inspire you?