Banned Books Week

September 26, 2016-10:08 am

Who determines what you are allowed to read? Come learn more about free speech, privacy and the freedom to read.

Send Silence Packing Dislpay

Become aware: suicide prevention exhibit, books and other resources available to you inside and outside the library.

National Library Week

April 13, 2014-8:00 am
a library

Finally! It’s National Library Week? Click here to learn more!

New intern this semester

February 20, 2013-9:10 am
jennifer virtual intern

This semester the Luria Library is proud to welcome a new [and virtual!] library intern, Jennifer Corob. Click here to meet Jennifer, and find out what “virtual” means!

Find another reader!

December 08, 2011-1:20 pm
stack of books

Even while the Luria Library is closed for the winter break, you can still get ideas about “what to read next” or even meet with other readers online.

Why would a library discard books?

November 17, 2010-11:25 am
Watch for these signs, in the library lobby

It might seem odd that a library would discard books.  It seems like the opposite of what a library would do, since we are trying to provide you with resources rather than take … read more »

We want YOU in the picture!

October 01, 2010-8:25 am

California libraries are collecting usage data, photos, and patron testimonials on California Library Snapshot Day: Monday, October 4.

Banned Books Week

September 27, 2010-7:30 am
BBW_Web_Badge_80 (1)

Celebrating the Freedom to Read

Our Redesign Story

September 14, 2010-9:10 am
Spider Web

Web site redesign efforts are important for any organization if you want your www presence to remain fresh, creative, and functional. This past August, we launched a new web site … read more »

Keeping up with Technology

August 31, 2010-6:19 pm

Do you have an interest in technology? Primarily due to the rise in digital information, libraries around the world have become technology hubs. The demands on librarians and libraries to … read more »