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In Jo Ellison’s words, “one becomes dazzling, amusing, charming, elegant in a gown.” Indulge yourself in the images and stories of gowns featured in Vogue’s The Gown.

New Books in the Library – February 2015

February 20, 2015-2:06 pm

Read this amazing long lost novel by José Saramago, set in late 1940’s Lisbon, Skylight: a novel.

Stung! On jellyfish blooms and the future of the ocean

What comes to mind when you think of jellyfish? Slimy? Dangerous? Beautiful? Find out more in Lisa-ann Gershwin’s book, Stung!

New Books in the Library – November 2014

November 03, 2014-11:08 am

Really? Teachers should give final exam on the first day of class? That is what Benedict Carey suggests in his book, How we learn.

New Books in the Library – September 2014

September 12, 2014-9:53 am

Why do some species of animal choose to live in groups and others alone? Find out in Animal Behavior by John A. Byers.

New Books in the Library – Summer 2014

September 02, 2014-4:08 pm

Check out some of the new books that the library purchased in June and July!

New Books in the Library – May

April 30, 2014-11:39 am

Thinking of going on a hike lately? Discover trails of the southern Los Padres National Forest in this fact-filled book, HIking & Backpacking: Santa Barbara & Ventura.
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New Books in the Library – April

April 06, 2014-7:03 pm

What do Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick or The Whale have in common?

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New Books in the Library – March

March 03, 2014-9:59 am

Which country has the highest coffee consumption per capita? Surprisingly, it isn’t the United States!

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New Books in the Library – February

February 10, 2014-9:35 pm

As you are settling into your classes, take time out to check out these new books in the library.