The tutorials linked below can help guide you through different aspects of the research process and help you use specific library resources. Use the chart to identify the best tutorials and videos for you, or ask a librarian for help. (Note: Some tutorials will require you to log in using your Pipeline username and password.)

See Tutorials for Specific Courses and Assignments after the chart for the Communication 121/122 and Communication 161/162 tutorials.

See the handouts for technology support at the bottom of this page for specific instructions when using SBCC computer labs and technology.

See the Know More Know Workshops at the bottom of this page for in-depth instruction on topics such as advanced Google searching.

How do I?

Try one of these tutorials:

Learn about the library website and library catalog (books+)

Use the library website and know the library materials available Video: Introduction to the Luria Library Website and Library Materials (7:18 min)
PDF: Library Search Tabs
Use the library catalog (books+) Video: How to Search for Books in the Luria Library (2:56 min)
Slide Presentation: Dewey Decimal Classification Explained
A list of codes for an expert search in books+
PDF: Renew Library Material Online

Learn about the research process

Understand the elements of the research process Video: The Research Process

Learn about topics, keywords, research questions, and thesis statements

Choose a topic and narrow a topic Tutorial: Choosing a Topic
Video: How to Narrow Your Topic
Identify keywords based on my topic Tutorial: Choosing and Using Keywords
Do background research on my topic Tutorial: Background Research Tips
Write a research question or thesis statement Video: Research Questions
Video: Thesis Statements

Learn about information and information literacy

Define information literacy and understand why it matters Tutorial: Why Information Literacy Matters
Video: Life in the Information Age
Understand different ways information is valued Tutorial: Information Has Value
Distinguish between data, information, and knowledge Video: Data, Information, and Knowledge

Learn about primary and secondary research and sources

Distinguish between primary and secondary research Video: Primary and Secondary Research
Distinguish between primary and secondary sources Video: Primary and Secondary Sources

Learn about scholarly and popular sources

Understand peer review Video: Peer Review
Distinguish between different types of sources Video: Types of Sources
Read scholarly materials Tutorial: How to Read Scholarly Materials
Video: How to Read Scholarly Materials

Learn about library databases

Choose and use the best database for information on my topic Video: Choosing a Database
Use a specific database Video: How to Search for Articles in Luria Library Databases: Academic Search Complete (5 min)
Video: Timesavers in Academic Search Premier (1:56 min)
Video: Introduction to Business Source Premier (3:07 min)
Video: Using CINAHL
Video: Using Communication and Mass Media Complete
Video: Subjects in Communication and Mass Media Complete (3:28 min)

Learn about search techniques and strategies

Use the best search strategies Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1
Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2
Understand and improve my search results Video: Refining Search Results

Learn about evaluating information

Evaluate sources of information Video: What is Authority?
Video: Evaluating Sources
Tutorial: Evaluating Resources
Choose the best web source Tutorial: Choosing the Best Web Source
Identify and critique fake news Video: How to Identify and Debunk Fake News
Recognize objectivity and bias Video: Objectivity in Reporting

Learn about synthesizing information and writing research papers

Compiling information from sources Video: What is Summary?
Video: Synthesizing Information
Tutorial: Synthesizing Information
Understand the elements of a research paper Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper
Get writing help Video: Writing Help
Website: SBCC Writing Center

Learn about citing sources

Understand why to cite Video: Why We Cite
Video: Why Citations Matter
Tutorial: Why Citations Matter
Cite my sources Video: Finding Citation Guides and Help (1:44 min)
Video: APA Citation Style
Tutorial: APA Citations
Video: MLA Citation Style
Video MLA 8th Edition Citation Style
Tutorial: MLA 8th Edition Citation Style
Video: Chicago Style Book Citations
Video: Chicago Style Journal and Website Citations

Learn about academic integrity, plagiarism, and copyright

Understand academic integrity and how to avoid plagiarism Video: Academic Integrity
Video: Plagiarism
Understand copyright Video: Copyright

Learn about scholarly communication

Understand the scholarly communication process Tutorial: Scholarship as Conversation


Tutorials for Specific Courses and Assignments


Available Tutorials

Communication 121/122 Video #1: How To Find Research Articles in the Communication and Mass Media Complete Database (5 min; read the transcript here)
Video #2: How To Search Smarter and Interpret Your Results to Find Relevant Articles (5 min; read the transcript here)
Video #3: How To Determine Whether a Source is a Research Article (5 min; read the transcript here)
Communication 161/162 Video #1: How to find research articles in Luria Library’s Communication & Mass Media Complete database.
Video #2: How to apply advanced search techniques and evaluate your results to find relevant articles.
Video #3: How to identify the elements of an original research article.


Information and Technology Handouts

Library Information & Technology Handouts DIY Information and Technology Handouts Research Guide
Here are all of the instructional handouts we use in the library. Please ask us for help at any time!


“Know More Now” Workshops

During the Fall 2011 semester, the library began Know More Now, a series of workshops on specific topics. Watch videos from these sessions here: