Services for Faculty

Library services available for all SBCC faculty include:

Luria Library Collection

The Luria Library collection is at its best when faculty actively participate in its development. We strongly encourage you to suggest a title online or contact Elizabeth Bowman to discuss the library’s holdings in your discipline.

The library currently has over 121,000 print titles, over 60,000 ebooks, 210 print periodical subscriptions, and subscriptions to over 60 online databases providing access to 14,500 full-text periodicals. The library catalog allows searching for most of these resources simultaneously.

If you would like to link to a particular library database from your website or course page, follow the instructions for copying database permalinks. These links must be copied exactly, especially if you want to provide off-campus access to the resource. If you wish to link directly to an article in a database, follow the instructions for copying article permalinks. If you need any help or would like us to create the link for you, please don’t hesitate to contact any librarian.

Textbooks and Other Reserve Materials

We make over 2,600 textbooks available for 2-hour checkout by students, through a grant from the SBCC Bookstore and through faculty donations. The library reserve collection also includes many types of supplies. Instructor prepared materials might be included; some resources can be made available physically or electronically for up to two semesters, after which copyright permission is required. To place your course materials on reserve, email circulation [at] or call (805) 965-0581 x2630.

In addition to placing materials on reserve, you can link directly from your website or course page to an article in a database, by following the instructions for copying article permalinks.

Open Educational Resources (OER) / Textbook Affordability Program @ SBCC

Interested in replacing your expensive traditional textbook with a free or low-cost Open Educational Resources? See our OER page to learn more about OERs, where to find them, and the SBCC Textbook Affordability stipend program.

Information Literacy / Research Instruction for Your Students

As experts in information competency, Luria Library faculty teach multiple sections of Library 101, which meets the college’s Information Competency Requirement. In addition, we provide research instruction and support tailored to the needs of your students by:

  • creating customized research workshops for your course or a particular assignment, held in the library or in your classroom
  • collaborating with you to effectively integrate information competency into your curriculum and assignments
  • creating online research guides for your course, highlighting the library and internet resources that will be most useful for your students
  • providing video tutorials

Use the Library Research Instruction Menu to request a research workshop, or contact Ellen Carey to discuss information competency resources for your class. Please note that the course instructor is expected to be present during all research workshops — your active participation is welcome and is likely to benefit your students.

Resources for Your Research

  • At the Luria Library
    The Luria Library collection has over 121,000 print titles, over 60,000 ebooks, 210 print periodical subscriptions, and subscriptions to over 60 online databases providing access to 14,500 full-text periodicals.Search our journal holdings to determine whether a particular periodical is available through the library.
  • Through Interlibrary Loan
    You may request up to 20 items per year from other libraries through interlibrary loan.
  • Alert Services
    Many of the databases provided by the Luria Library offer alert services that automatically send email notifications for new citations or table of contents that match a requester’s interests. The names of the services (alert, autoalert, saved search) and the procedures for setting them up vary among vendors, but they generally operate in the same way. Ask us if you have questions about an alert service.
  • Through Google Scholar
    You can set your Google Scholar Preferences to embed links to Luria Library resources into your Google Scholar search results. The Google Scholar Library Links page provides instructions on enabling this feature.

Displays, Events, and Activities

The Luria Library celebrates student work and ideas. We regularly create displays and host events which engage students and faculty. The Library calendars detail when panel discussions, cultural activities, poetry readings, bake sales, and other events are planned.

If you would like to participate in or suggest a display or event, contact Elizabeth Bowman. If you advise a student club, notify members that they may be able to hold meetings, events, or fundraisers in the library.

Faculty Space in the Library

Faculty may reserve the following spaces in the library. We will respond to reservation requests within 24 hours.

  • Library Faculty Study, L-137 (Capacity: 15)
    The Library Faculty Study is for faculty and staff to conduct personal study, prepare materials, meet with students, or have a quiet space. It can also be used for committees or faculty-led groups (other than regularly scheduled classes). Faculty members must be present when students are using the Study. The Library Faculty Study has a large conference table that can seat 10-15 people, plus some comfortable seating around the room, and a computer with a large wall screen and webcam. Faculty and staff may request the Library Faculty Study no more than one semester in advance, by scheduling an event in 25Live. If you would like to reserve some of the library’s Chromebooks for use during your event in the Faculty Study, be sure to request the number you need as a “Resource” in 25Live.
  • Library Classroom, L 146 (Capacity: 36)
    The Library Classroom is primarily used for research workshops taught by librarians, but may be used by other faculty and staff if the room is available. Requests for use of L 146 that do not involve library instruction may be made no more than one week in advance. In the last two weeks of each semester, students, as well as faculty and staff, may reserve the room for groups of 8 or more. The Library Classroom has moveable tables and chairs for students, a teacher station with computer and projector, and four whiteboards. To reserve L 146 without library instruction, submit a request up to one week in advance in 25Live. If you would like to reserve some of the library’s Chromebooks for use during your event in L 146, be sure to request them as a “Resource” in 25Live. To schedule library instruction, please contact Ellen Carey as far in advance as possible (see the Information Literacy / Research Instruction for Your Students section of the library’s Services for Faculty webpage for more information). You may also request library instruction through 25Live by choosing Event Type “Library Instruction.”
  • Library, Main Floor (Capacity: 150)
    The main floor of the library contains the checkout counter, computer lab, coffee shop, reference desk and multiple flexible seating and open spaces. Events may be requested even when the library is closed. To request use of the library after hours, please email Elizabeth Bowman: