The wrap-up for 2014

Thank each and all of our attendees for making the trip to Santa Barbara, to sharing expertise, participating all the aspects of the day.

A special thanks to those who prepared questions and materials to facilitate topic discussions and to those who presented.

Materials mentioned or otherwise shared will be posted under the tab on this blog called: SHARED RESOURCES.

If you were unable to attend, here is the agenda for the day.

If you are in the area, we look forward to welcoming you again in Santa Barbara and online, and are eager to hear where UNCONFERENCE 2015 will be hosted. NorCal, anyone?

DIY sign for a DIY day

Recess, and WHY improv?

To enjoy our beautiful setting in Santa Barbara WHILE we collaborate, the afternoon will offer an interval for an actual recess.

from 2:15-3 you will have these options:

  • take yourself self-guided campus tour

  • have a laugh and stretch yourself with some improv training led by a SBCC professor, or
  • instant collaboration–meet a colleague to discuss something not offered on the agenda

Coffee available at library coffee shop

and WHY improv?!

  • Check out this recent blog post about practical applications of improv training.

  • Many librarians have found that improv exercises teach them to think on their feet while solving real-life research and reference problems. Check out the USC Improv LibGuide, which includes videos of instructional exercises that utilize improv techniques, recommended reading, and an ACRL presentation powerpoint.

Agenda is set!

Agenda for California Community College Library Unconference May 3, 2014

9:00 Register, Library Lobby
Morning snack, tours of Luria Library

There will be a place where marketing/promotion/display ideas can be exchanged – bring your best (or worst!) examples of the year.

9:25 Welcome, Library Lobby


    Facilitators: Bosler, Kiely
    Facilitators: Linderman, McMillan, Paris

    10:20-10:30 BREAK


      Executive summary of recent dissertation research findings on the topic of student experiences of conducting research in a community college/ Heilman
      Using TED Ed to flip and assess info lit instruction/ Carey
      Developing one shot research sessions specifically for students with disabilities/ Young
      Pinterest use for Merced College’s Learning Resource Center/ Merritt and Davis

    11:30-1 Lunch, Outdoors
    Recess! Options: self-guided campus tour, improv training, or instant collaboration


      Facilitators: Uyeki, Lin, Buchwald
      Facilitators: Carey, Horan


      Outreaching to your Child Development Center/ Romero
      Presentation about research project about evaluative tool for museum website, delivered at 2013 International Humanities Conference/ Brown
      Coaxing the Birds out of the Nest: Transfer Students and the Four Year Institution/ Seifried
      Assessment in Action Poster Session practice for ALA annual/ Bowman

    3-3:10  Cash Bar Coffee Break


      1. ACRL Framework in community college setting L146
      Facilitator: Bowman, Morton
      Facilitator: Cunningham, Smith, Kaprelian

    4:00  Closing, announcements, what’s next, dinner dates in town? L146

Ranking begins

We have 26 compelling topics and presentations proposed thus far.

Check your email, if you have registered, for a survey through which to rank the TOPIC DISCUSSIONS we will convene.

We don’t have to decide on the PRESENTATIONS since we had just the correct number for the day!

Thanks for your interest, and we are eager to host this opportunity for a high-participation, creative, instructive day in Santa Barbara!

Housing for Unconference 2014

For those of you wanting to stay some nights in motels near Santa Barbara City College, here are our suggestions

Mention SBCC for possible discounted rate.

    Mason Beach Inn. A king-size bed room for $159/night, and 2 queen-sized beds room for $179/night. Ask for Aaron.

    There are MANY other options in SB. Here is a sampling:

      Days Inn $150+
      (possible less expensive than Mason Beach Inn, .4 miles from SBCC)

      Agave Inn $150+
      (a bit hipper, 4 miles from SBCC)

      Oasis Inn $99
      (3.7 miles from SBCC)

      The Presidio $169+
      (a fun, retro renovation motel, 2 miles from SBCC)

      Motel 6 $139 for 1/$145 for 2
      (1 mile from SBCC)

    If you want to have a roommate from among conference attendees to share expenses, contact Elizabeth [bowmane @ sbcc dot edu]

We will be working on finding free housing (in homes of SBCC librarians and colleagues) closer to the Unconference. If this interests you, contact Elizabeth [bowmane @ sbcc dot edu]

Registration is open for 2014!

Please join us in Santa Barbara, for the next Unconference for California Community College Librarians

Saturday May 3 from 9:00am-4:00pm

This Unconference will connect community college librarians from around California in a low-cost, high participation professional collaboration. We will collaborate online prior to the Unconference to identify topics they’re interested in presenting to the group or facilitating a discussion about–there is no specific limitation on the topics that can be discussed at this conference as long as they in some way touch upon community college librarianship.

Additional experiences: Recess! Improv! Good coffee! Beautiful views! Banangram Showdown?

Registration is free and will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis for up to 50 attendees. Organizers will help you find reduced motel rates and shared housing with local colleagues.

Follow this website for updates throughout the spring.

Unconference 2014

We are looking at May 3rd, 2014 for another Unconference: California Community College Issues.

Consider this a “Save the Date” for your planning purposes. Registration will begin in late February.

We will make every effort to have this event be low-cost and high-value! And a longer recess this time!

Let us know your thoughts! email

The results are in: let’s do this again!

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey evaluating our Unconference. We had a 55% response rate, and the survey is still available here, if you’d like to add your feedback to the mix.

The bottom line: We want to do this again! One hundred percent of those who responded said they would participate in another Community College Libraries Unconference, and 88% responded “yes” or “maybe” to “Would you be willing to host a future Unconference?” About 90% think we should hold Unconferences annually, but some would like it to happen more frequently.

What did we like the best? On a scale of one (not valuable) to five (very valuable), six of the seven aspects of the event we asked about rated an average of four points or more, with “Sharing/getting feedback on something I’m doing” falling just under that, at 3.94. The top scorers were:

  • Hearing what other librarians are doing (4.88)
  • Focusing specifically on community colleges (4.76)
  • Socializing with other community college librarians (4.76)

Some of you mentioned other valuable things about the Unconference, including the fact that is was a free, one-day event. Other comments included:

    “I think the balance between structure and lack of structure was perfect. Even the format of the presentations was great — just enough to prompt good discussion around something specific.”

    “It was a great venue to meet and share ideas with other community college librarians.”

    “Your event really lifted me up as a CC librarian — in spirit and thinking.”

    “This was a day well spent. Keep the size small like you had it (up to 50).”

Suggestions for improvement. Some of you noted in your comments that “the Unconference was good as it is,” or even “perfect.” Feedback about things to change broke down as follows:

Other feedback included:

    “Having people bring hard copies … of their SLOs or Assessment techniques thereof, might have been really helpful.”

    “I wish I had more time for discussion, so maybe include a no-host reception at a local restaurant next year if folks want to meet and continue talking.”

    “It would be great to have a bit more time for the presentations. A few more minutes to get beyond the simple description and then a few more minutes for questions/discussion at the end. Maybe presentation sessions could be simultaneous like the discussions and grouped broadly by topics (e.g. instruction, collections, ILS, etc.)”

Staying in touch. Most preferred this blog to a listserv for continuing the conversion. A few people also suggested creating a Facebook group. For now, we’ll rely on this blog as the forum for ongoing discussion.

Planning for future Unconferences. For those of you contemplating hosting the next Unconference, consider this information about the best times, days, and locations:

Best times of year (respondents could choose more than one):

    Late in the spring semester (75%)
    Early January (50%)
    Summer (38%)

Best days (respondents could choose more than one):

    Saturday (100%)
    Friday (59%)
    Sunday (35%)

Best locations:

    “It should rotate among colleges around the state, but keep it in places people would want to visit … Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Monterey.”

    “I wish SBCC would host it again, but then everyone else should get a chance to host the Unconference. That way we get to visit other campuses.”

DIY sign for a DIY day

Hutte/Young presentation

Attentive Audience

Hula teacher teaches us how it is done

The Day!

A great group of colleagues gathered today at SBCC to share experiences and expertise in community college libraries in California. A grand day for collaboration, networking, problem solving, and opportunities for follow-up. There wasn’t much talk about the budget crisis and, in fact, much laughter (and even some hula-hoopin’).