It’s ON! May 5th, 2012

The Community College Library Issues Unconference, on May 5, 2012, is a full-day event which takes place from 9:30am-4:30pm at Santa Barbara City College.

Lunch will be served and admission is free. The Unconference is limited to 50 registered attendees. This Unconference is an effort to connect community college librarians from around California in a low-cost, high participation professional collaboration.

Attendees will collaborate online prior to the Unconference to identify topics they’re interested in presenting to the group or facilitating a discussion about. Everyone will be both teacher and learner, discussing the topics they’re most interested in.

There will be two types of experiences at the Unconference:

  1. Presentations that last 7 minutes with 5 minutes for questions/feedback. Presentations will either be about a project an attendee has done that they think other librarians would be interested in or an idea they have for a library-related project that they’d like feedback on (or to find possible collaboration between colleges) from the audience. There will be 2 of these sessions throughout the day.
  2. Group discussions that last 50 minutes. There will be 3-4 different discussion groups going on during each of three discussion periods. The goal is to allow everyone to contribute to the discussion.

Each individual attending the Unconference must either suggest a presentation they would like to give or a discussion topic they would be willing to facilitate. We will then take all of those proposed topics and have participants vote on them. This will take place approximately two weeks before the conference. Those seven presentation topics and thirty discussion topics that receive the most votes will be the ones offered during the Unconference.

There is no specific limitation on the topics that can be discussed at this conference as long as they in some way touch upon community college librarianship.

They can run the gamut from services to children to cataloging standards to issues in reference services to bleeding edge technologies and more. Check out the TOPIC tab

We will investigate a backchannel for comments, link sharing, live blogging, etc. Tweets from Twitter will use the hashtag #ccuncon