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About this Resource

  • Class: Culinary Arts 111
  • Instructor(s): Dr. Dixie Budke
  • Topic: Event Planning

The following sources are recommended for student research, including periodical articles, online databases, and credible Internet resources. Reference librarians are available to assist you with your research.


Plan an event from top to bottom, including labor costs.

What NOT to do: eHow


accounting food service


prices food service

restaurants -- accounting


event planning

Background information on food service

These resources are available in the Luria Library reference section.

  • Hospitality Index: an Index for the Hotel, Food Service and Travel Industry R 647.94 H828i
  • Wenzel’s Menu Maker 2nd edition R 641.57 W482w 2nd
  • The College Blue Book R 378.73 C697
  • Encyclopedia of Food and Culture R 394.12 K19e
  • The Food Safety Information Handbook R 614.31 R643f
  • The Concise Encyclopedia of Foods & Nutrition R 641.03 E59c
  • Webster’s New World Dictionary of Culinary Arts R 641.03 L116w
  • Bowe’s and Church’s Food Values of Portions Commonly Used R 641.1 B789b
  • How to Pronounce French, German and Italian Wine Names R 641.2 B449h
  • Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine R 641.2203 F767l 2001
  • World Encyclopedia of Beer R 641.2303 G566w

The following resources are available for check out from the library. Search the library catalog for books on the elements of event planning.

Here are some searches already done for you, on the following topics:

Owning & Running a Restaurant

Food Services-Prices

Food Service Cost Control

Catering management

Researching the food service industry and specific businesses

Trends and Statistics

TRY THIS: Compare "restaurant trends" search in Google and through government site.

Great site! Technomics but you have to pay. Use a library database for free, such as

Search these INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC sites for trends in the field

Labor costs

How to cite the resources you find

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