ESL 100, Introduction to ECE for ESL Students

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About this Resource

Students will find resources for students to conduct research on Early Childhood Education and Children's Literature.

  • Class: ESL 100 - Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • Instructor: Dolores Howard

Reference Sources - Print

These resources are available in the Luria Library Reference section.

Gale Encyclopedia of childhood and adolescence R 305.231 K11g

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family R 306.8 L665e

Greenwood Dictionary of Education R 370.3 C712g

Early childhood education : an international encyclopedia R 372.2103 N532e

Encyclopedia of early childhood education R 372.2103 W724e

Oxford companion to children's literature R 809.89282 C295o

Reference Sources - Electronic


Search the library catalog for a topic or browse the collection on Early Childhood


Browse our ECE periodicals

Childhood Education

Early childhood research quarterly


Young Children

Search for articles on your topic in

Search for articles in


ReadyWeb provides a Virtual Library of the full text of documents and articles, and hyperlinks to documents and articles, on various topics related to school readiness. ReadyWeb also provides bibliographies of documents and journal articles from the ERIC database. These bibliographies are updated quarterly.

National Latino Children's Institute NLCI focuses the nation's attention on policies, programs, and community initiatives that lead to the full and healthy development of Latino children. Links to good bilingual programs such as Words for the Future

Free Resources for ESL Learners

For improving your writing and reading skills, use this link to English as Second Language Learning Resources available to you online for free.

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