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About this Resource

Students will find suggested sources for their class debate research. Your search for information on the National Health Care Debate can include books, periodical articles, online databases, and credible Internet resources. The following sources are recommended for student research.

  • Class: English 110
  • Instructor(s): Celeste Barber
  • Topic: National Health Care Debate

Reference Sources - Print

Reference Books are a good place to begin your research. You can take notes or pages can be photocopied at ten cents a page. Examples of reference books related to this debate topic are listed below. These resources are available in the Luria Library Reference section.

  • Congress and the Nation R 320.973 C749 1945-current
  • Dictionary of American History 3rd ed. R 973.03 A194d v. 4

Key Words

health care reform united states

national health care united states

health insurance united states

social medicine united states


Search the library catalog for books on topics relevant to your research such as the examples shown here:


Journal and magazine articles usually provide the most current information on a topic. Journal articles are more scholarly while magazine articles tend to be shorter and more general. Newspaper articles are the most current of the three periodical sources and another good source of information.

To find articles on your topic, use one of the online databases listed below. These databases usually provide full-text articles. Search in these databases by using subject headings, keywords and names of companies or individuals.

To access databases from off campus you will need to log-in with your pipeline account number and password.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a free service for students. Students can request copies of articles or borrow books from another library. Students are advised to request loans early in the research process as loans can take three to ten days.

Interlibrary Loan


The Internet can be a valuable source for supplementing the information you have gathered from books and periodicals. It is important that you evaluate the information you get from the Internet to determine if it is credible, documented and useful to your research.

The internet sites included here have been reviewed by a librarian and/or your instructor.

General Subject Directories:

Selected Web Sites:

Two useful sites for evaluating information found on the Internet are listed below.

Have a Question? Contact a Librarian

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