Ethnic Studies 101 - The Immigrant Experience in the United States

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About this Resource

Students will find print and electronic resources for research on Asian American Studies. Information contained in this resource are the recommended sources for students to conduct research.

  • Class: ETHS 101 The Immigrant Experience in the United States
  • Instructor: Ayanna Yonemura


Immigration, emigration

Reference Sources - Print

These resources are available in the Luria Library Reference section.

  • The historical and cultural atlas of African Americans R 301.45196 A798h
  • Enyclopedia of diasporas : immigrant and refugee cultures around the world R 304.8 E53e
  • Encyclopedia of North American immigration 304.8 P884e
  • Immigration in America today : an encyclopedia 304.873 L886i
  • Encyclopedia of immigration and migration in the American West R 304.878 B168e
  • Growing up in America : an atlas of youth in the USA R 305.23 S215g
  • Encyclopedia of women in the American West R 305.420978 B168e
  • Racial and ethnic relations in America R 305.8 B218r
  • The color of words : an encyclopaedic dictionary of ethnic bias in the United States R 305.8 H538c
  • Ethnic relations : a cross-cultural encyclopedia R 305.8 L657e
  • American immigrant cultures : builders of a nation R 305.8 L657e
  • Ethnic relations : a cross-cultural encyclopedia R 305.8 L657e

NEW*Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Society R 305.8 S294e

  • Completely queer : the Gay and Lesbian encyclopedia R 305.90664 H714c
  • Gay histories and cultures : an encyclopedia 306.76 H145g
  • Lesbian histories and cultures : an encyclopedia R 306.76 Z73l
  • We the People R 317.3 A427w found in the atlas stand
  • Atlas of American diversity R 305.8 S556a
  • Encyclopedia of racism in the United States R 305.800973 M663e
  • Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America R 317.3 V413g 2000
  • Facts about American immigration R 325.73 B885f
  • The atlas of American migration R 325.73 F584a
  • The Mexican American experience : an encyclopedia R 973.04 M511m
  • Encyclopedia Latina : history, culture, and society in the United States R 973.0468 S798e
  • Asian American chronology R 973.0495 B265a
  • Dictionary of Asian American history R 973.0495 K49d
  • The Asian American Encyclopedia R 973.0495 N278a
  • Encyclopedia of African-American heritage R 973.0496 A468e 2000
  • Encyclopedia of the great Black migration R 973.0496 R347e

Reference Sources - Electronic

These resources are available online and may require your Pipeline account information.


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