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About this Resource

Students will find print and electronic resources on the nature and causes of War, Revolution and Terrorism. The information contained in this resource are recommended sources for students to conduct research.

  • Class: Political Violence
  • Instructor: M. Eskandari-Qajar

Your Task

Conduct research and make a presentation on your topic:

  • WAR (Napoleonic, WWI, WWII, Iraq 1990-91 "Gulf War", Iraq 2002
  • REVOLUTIONS (American, French, Russian, Chinese, Iran)
  • TERRORISM (Irish Republican Army, Weatherman, Al-Qaeda, ETA, Hamas)


Search the catalog with these Subject Headings:

Iraq War, 2003; Napoleonic Wars; Political Violence; Persian Gulf War, 1991; Revolutionaries; Revolutions; Soldiers; Soldiers -- United States -- Personal Narratives; Terror, Terrorism, War, Warfare, War and Civilization, War and Society

Reference Sources - Print

These resources are available in the Luria Library Reference section.

START HERE Encyclopedia of politics : the left and the right R 320.03 C283e


  • Companion to the French Revolution R 944.04 P342c
  • Companion to Russian history
  • Dictionary of the Russian Revolution R 947.0841 S562b
  • Modern China : a guide to a century of change R 951.05 H973m
  • Encyclop√¶dia Iranica R 955 Y29e
  • Encyclopedia of the American Revolution. R 973.303 B662
  • The American Revolution, 1775-1783 : an encyclopedia R 973.303 B641a
  • The Encyclopedia of colonial and revolutionary America R 973.303 F219e


  • To Rule Jerusalem by Roger Friedland and Richard Hecht
  • Terror in the Mind of God by Mark Juergensmeyer
  • Intifada: Palestine at the Crossroads ed. by Jamal Nassar and Roger Heacock
  • Statistical handbook on violence in America R 303.6 D634s
  • Violence in America : an encyclopedia R 303.6 G685v
  • Encyclopedia of violence, peace & conflict R 303.6 K96e
  • Protest, power, and change : an encyclopedia of nonviolent action from ACT-UP to women's suffrage R 303.61 P888p
  • Political handbook of the world. R 320.7 P769
  • The radicalism handbook : radical activists, groups and movements of the twentieth century R 322.42 B989r
  • Encyclopedia of terrorism R 322.42 K97e
  • Encyclopedia of world terrorism R 322.42 S528e
  • Encyclopedia of terrorism and political violence R 322.42 T363e
  • Dept. of Defense Terrorist group profiles R 322.42 U58t [1988]
  • Encyclopedia of American activism, 1960 to the present R 322.43 D545e
  • The Europa world year book. R 341.184 E89ew
  • The Oxford encyclopedia of the modern Islamic world R 909.097671 E77o
  • The Oxford companion to Irish history R 941.5 C752o
  • Historical dictionary of Ireland R 941.5 T455h
  • Northern Ireland : a chronology of the Troubles R 941.6 B572n
  • Northern Ireland : a political directory, 1968-1993 R 941.6 F571n
  • Spanish culture and society : the essential glossary R 946.08 J82s
  • Encyclopedia of the Palestinians R 956.9 M435e


  • The Oxford companion to military history R 355.003 H752o
  • The World War I databook : the essential facts and figures for all the combatants R 940.3 E47w
  • World War I : a visual encyclopedia R 940.3 F745w
  • The Routledge atlas of the First World War R 940.3 G465r
  • The European powers in the First World War : an encyclopedia R 940.3 T894e
  • The Historical encyclopedia of World War II R 940.53 B341h
  • World War II : a statistical survey : the essential facts and figures for all the combatants R 940.53 E47w
  • The Oxford companion to World War II R 940.5303 D285o
  • Encyclopedia of the Second World War R 940.5303 H716e
  • Historical Dictionary of Iraq R 956.7 G411 (includes current conflict)
  • Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War R 956.7043 G878e
  • Gulf War debriefing book : an after action report R 956.7043 L683g
  • Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War R 956.7043 S399e
  • Persian Gulf War almanac R 956.7043 S955p

Literary Research, on Authors and Works

  • As you pursue study of LeGuin, Lessing, and Orwell, you will find the Gale Literature Resource Centeran excellent resources. It is a comprehesive database on literature, literary biography and literary criticism. If you use this off-campus, you will be required to enter your Pipeline account information.

Electronic Books available via NetLibrary

Search for these books here and read online from any computer (pipeline user name and password required from off-campus)

Print Books in the Luria Library

These books can be found on the shelves in the lower level of the library:

Search catalog by SUBJECT BROWSE, such as these searches:




Political Violence

or Try your own search terms

Periodical Articles and Sources of News

Search your topic in the periodical databasesAcademic Search Premier or * Project MUSE

Search through these news organizations: Al Jazeera BBC National Public Radio

Films/Videos/DVD in the Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center (LRC) across from the Library has many useful videos in their collection.

Internet Resources

Finding good websites for college research can be difficult and time-consuming. Below are some recommendations of subject directories to help you locate quality, scholarly websites and some specific website which might be useful.

Internet directories

Specific resources

Iraq 1990-91, Gulf War


  • An in-depth examination of the 1990-1991 Persian Gulf War crisis [PBS Link]

United States Department of Veteran Affairs

  • Information for veterans, their families and others about VA health care programs related to Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.
  • [U.S. Veteran Affairs]

Australian War Memorial ( Australian forces that were deployed in the First Gulf War)

The Unseen Gulf War- Pictures

BBC Timeline

Saddam's strategic plan

Ebsco Host- The Gulf War. Cleanly Fought.

Experiences of Prisoners of War during the Gulf War- Ebsco Host

Bush's justifications for War

Facts about the Gulf War

U.S. News & World Report

George Bush Vs. Saddam Hussein


The Rise of Saddam Hussein

The Ground War


A thorough bibliography of materials can be found here: Iraq

Excellent current coverage as well as history can be found here: Iraq in Transition

Just War -- Or a Just War? A widely distributed commentary on the potential conflict in Iraq by former President Jimmy Carter.

Iraq Aftermath: The Human Face of War This "is an alternative information web site focusing on the humanitarian crisis caused by the war on Iraq."

Frontline coverage of the 1990-1991 Gulf War: The Gulf War

Fog of War Information and images (including videos) relating to the 1991 U.S. war against Iraq in response to the invasion of Kuwait.


War Stories - Traces the history of war reporting from the American Civil War to Bosnia/Kosovo.

The War for Americaprovides a British perspective on the American Revolution.


The Great War This World War I site includes history and analysis of the war; overviews of battles, with excerpts from veteran's letters and audio interviews.


Napoleon Series is a website collecting all thing Napoleonic


Chinese Digital Archive 1966-1976, is an online project from Australian National University to preserve important documents and images relating to the Cultural Revolution period in Chinese history


Lenin Internet Archive contains the full-text of Lenin's key political writings from 1893-1923.


LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY: EXPLORING THE FRENCH REVOLUTION provides an accessible and lively introduction to the French Revolution as well as an extraordinary archive of some of the most important documentary evidence


BBC reports: Israel and the Palestinians, ETA, Hamas(2), Hezbollah, PIRA, Real IRA, al-Qaeda, Iranian Revolution

Reports from the Council on Foreign Relations: Hamas, ETA, IRA


Hamas founding charter

Historical Overview (1992)

Historical Overview (2007)

Al-Jazeera profile

Global Security Profile

Discover the Networks

Passover massacre: 1, 2, 3

Current Events:

Obituary: Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi

Obituary: Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

Profile: Khaled Meshaal

2006 Palestinian election results

Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation Talks: 1, 2, 3

Why Hamas is no "extremist"


PBS Series on the Weathermen


"Al Qaeda Training Manual" from United States Department of Justice


Congressional Research Reports on Terrorism and Homeland Security

How to Cite

Ask for Help

Feel free to contact a reference librarian through instant messaging, by phone (805) 730-4444, or email.

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